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My daughter has been working with Hope for STEAM Leaning since November of 2018. Niamh (pronounced Neeve) completed her cancer treatments in 2018. Niamh was having difficulty with math, her grades were dropping and it scared me. First we have to survive these treatments, then we have to deal with the side effects. Just two weeks following this news about her grades, I was blessed when a mutual friend informed me of Hope for STEAM and their mission to help children who are diagnosed with cancer keep up with their academics. If you have or know a child who has gone through treatments and needs help with their studies, I highly recommend this organization to all. I am delighted to say that my daughter’s grades have improved dramatically since she started this program her confidence level has improved immensely, truly a beautiful thing to witness. 

Thank you for the gift which you have given and continue to give my daughter Niamh. Best, Roisin

My son Luke has been working with Hope for Steam Learning for a few months. Luke completed cancer treatment 1.5 years ago but was struggling to keep up with his peers especially with reading. Our tutor Shreya made learning fun. Luke has really enjoyed the sessions and has flourished. I am so glad that we found Hope for Steam Learning and would highly recommend them to anyone whose child has gone through treatment and needs some extra support.

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