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December 10, 2020 - Presented with Point of Light award

I'm honored to receive the Daily Point of Light award from Points of Light!

The Daily Point of Light Award is presented by Points of Light each day, celebrating the power of individuals to spark change and improve the world. Learn more about the work I do here.

Akhil Paulraj, Founder, Hope for STEAM Learning Inc.

July 24, 2020 - Hope for STEAM Learning joins CAC2 


Hope for STEAM Learning Inc. joins Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) adding to the growing list of childhood cancer organizations and coalitions and not-for-profit organizations with a primary interest in childhood cancer issues. We announce our organizational membership into the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, known as CAC2, a collaborative network of organizations and individuals supporting and servicing the childhood cancer community. CAC2 effectively advances a variety of childhood cancer causes by unifying the childhood cancer community through broad-based coordinated action and collaboration that leverages the strengths and expertise of its individual members and minimizes duplication of effort. The primary values underlying CAC2 are to put the children and their families first in everything they do and to support organizations active in the fight against childhood cancer.

We are excited to join CAC2 and support all their member organizations by helping all families and children they serve.

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