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Don't let cancer define your education

Approximately 15,780 children between the ages of birth and 19 years of age are diagnosed with cancer annually.

Help us give these children the support they need to succeed.


       Our mission is simple: to provide students battling cancer a stress-relieving, individualized learning experience to not only stabilize their academics, but also to rekindle their interests in STEAM. Through free, one-on-one digital classes, students will experience an effective form of learning that can allow them to both maintain the academic standards found in the school environment, and also to dive deeper into the custom fields of interest tailored to each student's asking.

      We strive to provide continued motivation for cancer patients to pursue their academic dreams. By working with students in all stages of treatment (including post-treatment), we can make the seamless transition from treatment to normal school life a reality.

Take a

      In 2017, my best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Being an astute student highly involved in school, he was disappointed to see that the restrictions of his treatment involved not going to school for a full school year.  The school system is striving to provide continued education while maximizing the comfort of cancer patients. Great progress has been made in this field by the school administration, including the likes of IEP, or an Individualized Education Plan, which allowed his school to arrange teachers to teach him at home for a few hours every week to help him meet most basic requirements, which made it possible for him to stay in school by working on basic levels of core subjects, setting his natural interests aside. This process, while beneficial, can result in a loss of natural interest. Regardless of educational aids during treatment such as an IEP, it has been observed by education specialists that it is difficult for students to maintain normal academic standards, resulting in abnormal amounts of stress. This same pattern has been recognized in many students returning from treatment, particularly chemotherapy. Specialists have also observed difficulty in specific areas over others, such as in concentration and interpretation as a long term side effect for some students. We strive to address these challenges as well as other issues unique to each individual student during the educational process.

       Our goal is to help students overcome these challenges and in turn rekindle their interest in STEAM.


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